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  • Wasim's first month

    Friday 30 January 2015

    Leicestershire and Rutland Cricket Chief Executive Wasim Khan MBE has been an extremely busy man and is loving every minute of his new job.

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Matchday Info 2014

LCCC Ground Regulations 2014:

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LCCC Alcohol Regulations 2014 (in line with ECB):

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LCCC Dog Membership 2014

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Refund Policy 2014

WiFi access at Grace Road: The SSID is LCCC Public Access and Password is publicaccess

LCCC Smoking Policy 2014:

Smoking is NOT ALLOWED IN ANY SEATS within the ground.

The practical implication of this for match days is that anyone wishing to smoke will need to go to an uncovered open area i.e. car parks or paths surrounding the ground well away from the seating areas. Please use the wall mounted cigarette bins provided around the ground when disposing of cigarette ends.

Smoking will not be permitted in any building or in a covered area which includes:

  • The Meet and The Geary Stand
  • All Executive Rooms
  • All Hospitality Boxes and Balconies
  • The David Gower Suite & Balcony
  • The Charles Palmer Suite
  • All covered concourse areas and all toilets

Leicestershire County Cricket Club asks all our Members and Spectators to embrace this new regulation.

Here are some facts about smoking:

  • One in every two long-term smokers dies prematurely as a result of smoking.
  • Smoking takes oxygen out of the blood and reduces levels of stamina and fitness. So if you want to be top of your sports game it’s best to be smokefree.
  • Smoking tobacco gives you dull skin, wrinkles and bad breath. It stains your fingers yellow and makes your clothes and hair smell.
  • Smoking increases the risk of impotence by around 50% for men in their 30s and 40s.
  • Smoking is expensive! A smoker of 20 a day spends £50 a week, and over £2,500 a year.

Smoking also can have a long lasting adverse affect on children:

  • If children see smoking as a normal part of everyday life they are more likely to become smokers themselves
  • Children whose parents smoke are around 3 times more likely to become smokers themselves
  • Children can become addicted to nicotine quickly - A child who smokes just 1 cigarette doubles their chances of becoming a regular smoker by 17.
  • Children who are exposed to secondhand smoking are more likely to develop chest problems such as bronchitis; asthma; middle ear infections (glue ear) and deafness; and babies are at risk of sudden infant cot death
  • Avoid smoking around children and young people - Make your home and car smokefree. If you or visitors choose to smoke – go outside.

Stopping Smoking

There are a number of benefits to stopping smoking:

  • Better health
  • More money to buy essentials such as food or treats such as a meal out, trip to the cinema, downloads, CDs and games
  • Better insurance rates (car, house, life)
  • Increased stamina to play sport
  • Looking younger – improved complexion and fewer wrinkles
  • Nicer smelling breath, hair and clothes
  • Cleaner house and car
  • Lower risk of burning clothes, furniture or starting a fire

Reducing or quitting smoking is difficult but help is available. With support from your local stop smoking service smokers are four times more likely to quit than going it alone. Your local stop smoking service can help with:

  • A free, personal quit plan, tailored to individual needs
  • Stop smoking medicines to help to beat the cravings. These are available on prescription and are free to those on benefits
  • Supportive tips on how to stay on track
  • Use of a carbon monoxide monitor to see progress in action

STOP! is a free, NHS service that supports smokers who live or work in Leicester to take the positive step of quitting the habit, for the sake of their health, their finances, their families and the environment.

A Person-centred Service

  • STOP! is a service that listens to what people say, and makes changes to fit what they ask for
  • Our sessions are one-to-one
  • There is a good choice of times and places to access support, because we have a wide network of trained advisors

One Message, Many Voices

  • STOP! can provide training for teams and individuals, especially in health care, who would like to increase their knowledge and skills in talking to smokers about the harm smoking causes and the benefits of giving up
  • Brief advice given confidently and clearly is an effective and cost-free way of doing this

The message is: "It's a free, convenient NHS service, and it really works. You are four times more likely to stop smoking with the support of a specialist service."

You can call STOP! on 0116 2954141.


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