Dips Patel

Coaching Staff 2021

Name - Dips Patel

Role - Second XI Coach

Dips has been part of the Leicestershire Foxes family for upwards of 30 years after being a part of the Leicestershire Young Cricketers since representing from an under-13 age group.

After six years in the Young Cricketers program, Dips then played for the Foxes' Secodn XI for three years, and pushed on to make a handful of List A appearances.

Following his playing career with the Foxes, Dips became a part of the coaching staff at Grace Road where he has held many roles, some at the same time, his first being as Leicestershire Community Coach for four years where his responsibilities included organising and overseeing school and community projects, raising participation throughout the community and organising indoor and outdoor tournaments.

He then went on to become Leicestershire County Age Group Coach, coaching age groups between u10s and u17s. Dips held this role for 20 years.

Dips then found himself in a different role, this time as Commercial Coach for the Indoor School, which, after 20 years, saw him promoted to Head Coach for the Indoor School for all camps, and also spent a lot of time in a one-to-one setting with a whole host of young players.

From 2017, Dips was Assistant Coach for the Second XI and is now the Second XI Coach.

Leicestershire CCC is not the only club that Dips has a strong affiliation with, as he has been involved with Loughborough Town Cricket Club for over 20 years, as a player, and now a coach.

He spent 15 years playing in the Leicestershire Premier League for the Lions in a career-spanning 20+ years.

Dips is now the Club Captain of Loughborough Town Cricket Club, and also lends his coaching expertise to Loughborough University as Head Club Coach - a role he has held since 2013.

Most recently, Dips earned the ECB Level Four Master Coach qualifcation - the highest qualification available in the United Kingdom.