First time?

First time?

Vitality Blast is an extremely exciting game for those who are new to cricket. If this is your first visit, welcome to the Fischer County Ground, and we hope that you enjoy your day.

Both sides have 20 overs to bat and there are six balls in an over, so that’s 120 balls for the team batting first to score as many runs as they can. There may be a few more balls if the bowler sends down any wides or no-balls. In most instances where there is a no-ball, the batsman gets a free hit, where he can look to hit the ball as hard as he can without the fear of being out! Watch out for the umpire’s signal to see if it is a free hit or not! Our replay screen will also guide you through the various umpire signals.

If the ball gets to the rope then it’s a four, and if it goes over the rope without bouncing the batsman gets six. If the batsman is caught, or the ball hits his stumps directly from the bowler, or the fielder manages to hit the stumps before the batsman can get to the other end, then he is out. There are a number of other ways a batsman can be out too – we can teach you that over the public announcement system and replay screen as the game goes on!

There is a 15-minute interval to allow time for you to get some food and a drink from our various outlets around the ground, including the Charles Palmer Restaurant. The side batting second then has to try to score one more run than the team batting first in order to win!

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