Ground Regulations


For all fixtures no alcohol will be allowed into the ground. 
Members and non-members will be able to obtain alcoholic beverages once inside the ground. This is necessary to ensure the safety of all spectators and the process will be closely managed and controlled by the club and the police who may close bars at any time to restrict consumption.


Smoking is not allowed in any seated area within the ground or anywhere in front of the Pavilion Building. Smoking is not permitted in any building or in any covered area which includes - The Meet; Geary, Butler & Burrows Stands; All Executive Rooms; All Hospitality Boxes and Balconies including The David Gower and Charles Palmer Suites and all other covered concourse areas and toilets. Spectators may smoke in uncovered open areas ie: car parks or pathways surrounding the ground well away from fixed seating.


For all matches the following items are prohibited: firearms, weapons, fireworks, any other items considered dangerous. The importation of alcohol, glass bottles and cans is prohibited. Searches and checks of all bags; hampers and containers before the spectator enters the ground are mandatory.


Spectators are reminded that racially abusive comments and actions will result in ejection from the ground and possible further action.


Under no circumstances may any person at the ground use a mobile telephone, computer or other kind of communication device either:
(i) to communicate or in any way transmit any form of commentary, data or other material in relation to a cricket match taking place at the ground for any kind of improper betting or other corrupt or unlawful purpose; or 
(ii) to conduct betting activity in a public pitch-facing part of the ground in a way which, in [the club’s] (or its appointed nominee’s) opinion, otherwise brings the game or [the club] into disrepute or which offends (or is likely to offend) other spectators.

Admission and the right to remain within the ground is also on condition that spectators shall not commit any of the following:

•    Failing to comply with directions given by a steward, police officer or club official.

•    Going on to the playing area at any time, unless specifically authorised by a club official, or interfering with the normal course of play in any manner.

•    Throwing or discharging missiles or causing an affray.

•    Obstructing any gangway, passageway, alleyway or doorway.

•    Climbing on any building, wall or fence.

•    Defacing or obscuring any notice or advertising displayed within club premises.

•    Failing to take heed to notices displayed at the exits of the premises and buildings.

•    Causing nuisance and disturbance to neighbouring premises when leaving the ground.

•    Offering for sale or distributing on the ground newspapers, periodicals or any other articles without written permission from the Chief Executive Officer on behalf of the Board.

•    Interfering in any way with the comfort, enjoyment or safety of spectators including:
      a) Drunk and disorderly behaviour.
      b) Singing indecent songs or using indecent language or making indecent gestures.
      c) Making unnecessary noise such as that from the use of radios, whistles, bells, and cans or persistently chanting, in any part of the ground.
      d) Unreasonably obstructing the view of other spectators.

•    The club reserves the right to: 
      a) Close the bars at any time or to restrict the consumption of alcohol.
      b) Refuse admission to any person.
      c) Prosecute, eject or cause to be ejected by an authorised steward or police officer, anyone contravening these regulations.

•    For Vitality Blast matches and tourist matches, dogs are not allowed within the ground (except hearing dogs for the deaf or dogs accompanying blind persons). 

•    Spectators are not permitted to leave and re-enter the ground during Vitality Blast fixtures, unless it is an emergency.

•    Playing ball games behind seating areas which may inconvenience other spectators is prohibited.

•    Spectators may not without consent remove any seating sited and provided by the club in order to install personal chairs / seats.

•    Spectators will not be permitted to remove glass vessels or open bottles from the premises.

•    Spectators will ensure that they dispose of any empty bottles and any rubbish in the refuse bins provided.

All cars are parked on LCCC grounds at the owner's own risk.

All spectators should avoid parking on neighbouring streets.

In the event of FIRE, spectators are requested to assemble on the playing area and await instructions.