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Wasim's message

It is both an honour and a privilege to be officially beginning my tenure as Chief Executive of Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket today. I would like to start by wishing you all a very happy New Year. We begin 2015 with optimism and ambition for the year ahead.

I spent a couple of weeks in Sydney in December discussing our 2015 cricket plans with our highly impressive new Head Coach, Andrew McDonald. I know that the coaching staff and players will be ready and prepared to start the new season with real momentum and confidence.

Behind the scenes I have enjoyed meeting many of the staff over the last couple of months. We have some very impressive individuals at the club and I am looking forward to creating the right environment for them to flourish.

Developing a relevant, robust and ambitious business plan will be a priority during the first quarter of 2015. I am looking forward to working with the Chairman Paul Haywood and the Board in developing this. Delivering high standards, taking responsibility and being accountable in our individual areas will support our collective ambitions as a club. This will be critical for me as we look to move the club forward in 2015. Our fortunes are firmly in our own hands.

Working more closely with the Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket Board will also be important if we are to impact all areas of Leicestershire cricket. I am delighted that this process has already begun.

Last but not least, I want to sincerely thank you for your continued loyal support. Quite rightly, you should expect progress this year, so please rest assured that we will be doing everything we can collectively to make that happen.

Wasim Khan MBE

Chief Executive, Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket