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Foxes introduce reusable cups

Leicestershire CCC has decided to massively reduce its environmental impact by going all out and introducing reusable plastic cups at the Fischer County Ground, Grace Road ahead of the new season. 

In an effort not to get caught out polluting the environment with disposable cups that are thrown into landfill where they remain for over a century before they biodegrade, Leicestershire CCC will be using these new reusable cups to stop thousands of plastic disposable cups going into landfill.

Green-Goblet, who supply the reusable cups, are bowled over that Leicestershire CCC are going to make their pint greener. With the help of Leicestershire CCC Members and supporters, the club is going to be able to reduce the volume of waste at the ground and lower its carbon footprint.

As an opener, supporters will now pay a £1.00 deposit for their reusable cup with their first drink.  Every subsequent drink will be poured into a clean reusable cup. When the fan has finished drinking, they can either keep the cup as a souvenir or return it to a cup refund point in exchange for their deposit.

The cups can be reused many times over and then at the end of their life they are recycled into other useful objects.

Across the line, everyone is a winner: less landfill, a greener event and a perfect take home souvenir for Members and supporters.