John Sadler
Match Reports

Pears game abandoned without a ball bowled

The embers of the cricket season were upon us when Leicestershire were due to take on Worcestershire in a three-day Second XI Friendly at Desborough Town CC. 

Summer’s lease hath all too short a stay. A line from Sonnet 18, probably one of the best known of the 154 written by Shakespeare, That’s William not Craig! It may have come to your attention that I am in training for the next series of University Challenge. (Editor's note, get yourself signed up to the Friends of Grace Road quiz!)

There was no play possible on day one or two as the outfield was sodden and muddy following very heavy overnight rain prior to Tuesday’s scheduled start.

At such times you really do feel for the catering staff, especially the one and only Elaine, who had worked extremely hard in purchasing and preparing all the food required for a three-day game. The coup de grâce was finally given to the game after an early morning inspection on day three, the match being abandoned without a ball being bowled.

Well that’s it then, the curtain comes down on the 2017 cricket season for our Second XI. It seems a long time ago that we embarked on our 2017 campaign, way back on April 10. 

A few thank yous to say along the way. To Desborough Town CC, Hinckley Town/CCA, Kibworth CC, Lutterworth CC, and Leicester Grammar School who kindly hosted Second XI games on their grounds during the season. 

To John Sadler, Second XI Coach, for all of his effort and commitment during the season. As in previous seasons, I see what goes on before, and after matches, there is much more to John’s role than what you see during the hours of play. John carries out his role in a very conscientious manner, and is thoroughly professional at all times. 

Thanks also to Dips Patel, and Andy Siddall, who have helped out at times on match days with the Second XI during the season. 

There is much work that goes on behind the scenes, and the team is not just made of players who take to the field of play.

Thanks go to Jen Wilks for sorting out, and organising all our travel arrangements and hotel bookings. 

Thanks to each and every one of the spectators who have come along to watch during the season, your attendance, and support, have been very much appreciated. 

Finally, last, but by no means least, my own sincere personal thanks to Dan Nice who is always accessible 24/7, and puts my match reports on the website, even if his Editorial Licence allows him to delete certain of my comments and observations, amongst his multitude of other tasks. Dan, your efforts are very much appreciated. 

(Editor’s note: you make life very easy Pete, and keep everyone informed and entertained throughout the season. The final thanks goes to you!)

That’s all for this season folks, the Boys in Blue will now have 100% of my attention! Happy Christmas!!

Cheers, Pete.