Nixon looks ahead to players return

Leicestershire CCC are preparing to report back for their winter programmes next week following the conclusion of the 2019 season, as preparation begins for 2020.

Head Coach Paul Nixon spoke to Foxes TV as he looks ahead to the winter. He said: “There will be heavy emphasis on our fitness.

“Cricket wise, guys will need little top up sessions for now until Christmas when we still work on our white ball game especially.

“There is a great opportunity this year, especially in the 50-over competition – if we can start well and earn some momentum in the competition, that would be great.

“Guys will be doing a couple of hours a week on their cricket skills, but there will be heavy emphasis on athleticism - we are looking forward to it.”

Nixon continued: “Our athleticism as a group – I feel that we are still under par from where we would like to be. This is something that we have got to improve at our club and it will help our fielding to support our bowlers.

“It also helps us bowl braver, straighter lengths for longer periods of time as well as not leaking runs. We have got to find a way of building pressure and that has got to come from both ends.”

A number of players have headed overseas to continue their season as the year enters the winter months, and Nixon expects them to be putting in just as much as work as the members of the squad who are due to report back next week.

Nixon said: “A lot of the lads have gone away this winter. Cozzie [Mark Cosgrove] has just come off 160 in club cricket which is great, Hassan [Azad] got 120 a couple of weeks ago in New Zealand and young Sam Evans got 36 on debut in a winning innings as well.

“A lot of the lads have gone away which is good, it gets them refreshed. They can go away, we have done personal development programmes and have made sure that everyone knows what they have got to work on – now they have got to go and execute well overseas, train well, enjoy themselves and get their fitness up as well.”

Nixon also sees the opportunity that the players have whilst overseas during the winter months. He said: “We want them getting used to scoring big runs again and the more runs they get under their belts is crucial.

“They are playing with different players and are with a different group of guys all of the time which is good for them and their holistic development.

“They all know that there are certain criteria that they have got to meet once they get back, and conversations will be ongoing throughout the winter with those players. Everyone has their own goals that they want to achieve.”

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