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Leicestershire Monthly Report - August 2020

First and foremost I hope you are staying well and keeping healthy, we must remain vigilant and all do our utmost to keep everyone safe. Please continue to adhere to the guidelines set by our local and national governments.

As promised, I have pledged to bring monthly reports on our Club so here goes for August 2020.

I’ll start with the Commercial arm of our Club.

Despite the backdrop of the economy, over the past month there has been some excellent progression in this area of the business. Myself and Tracey Branson (Commercial Manager) have now touched base with a number of our key partners. I would add it has been a pleasure and their support of Leicestershire County Cricket Club is unrivalled. I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you for their backing during this very difficult time.

We also continue to attract new businesses to our growing corporate family, and hot on the heels of last month’s announcement concerning Made By Cooper, it has been great to announce that Yorkshire Payments have now joined the Foxes 50 Business Club. I would also add, our pipeline for companies joining this network is beginning to look very healthy. Hopefully more positive news will come in September 2020.

As you know cricket is back up and running (more of that in a bit), and I was delighted to hear, from our marketing team, about the incredible number of views we have had for our live streaming service. For each home match, we have witnessed increased numbers and to finish our home ties in the Bob Willis Trophy with over 100,000 views is a really positive statistic for the Club. The team are working hard at our media interaction and social media presence and I am delighted to see this has gone up a gear.

Finally on Commercial, again another thank you, this time to our members. The Commercial team have been in touch with our members regarding their 2020 membership and nearly 70% of you have donated yours to the Club. I cant stress enough how critical this is for us and is helping Leicestershire CCC to continue to survive. Over the next few months we will be announcing our 2021 membership, so again I would encourage you to keep an eye on our social media channels for further news.

Onto the Company part. 

As a business it is vital that we operate in a professional manner. Equally this mantra is part of our key performance indicators (KPIs). Consequently we now have a committee that is undertaking a full audit of our operations. We, of course, do some things well, but by the same token there are probably other parts of the business we could improve on, hence it is critical that we take this opportunity to reflect on how we operate. We will review our processes and ensure we are compliant with the regulations and we see our operating model as key to creating the right culture in our company.

To begin with we have taken a simple but vitally important step and created organisational charts for the different pillars of the business, allowing our people to understand the role they play in the bigger picture and the exciting future of our Club.

As a company I do believe we have begun to set the tone that Leicestershire CCC is heading in the right direction. Much work is to be done but we are meeting it with determination.

The Cash element of our business is, of course, the lifeblood of the Club. We continue to implement our mitigation strategy and only spend money where it is absolutely critical. These remain tough times so the support provided by members, sponsors and partners remains absolutely vital at this delicate time. We will continue to reach out to our supporters, to help us navigate through these challenging times and I guess like Lord Kitchener said ‘We Need You’.

Ways that you can support us is everything from purchasing a Leicestershire shirt to, if you are a business, look at how you can sponsor or advertise with us. Every penny remains vitally important to the Club and rest assured every penny we spend will be for the long term benefit of our Cricket Club.

With regards to our Community we continue to reach out to people and try and advise them how to get through the current situation. We like to think of our Community department as one that is more than just a team that can teach people how to play cricket. They are there to develop, advise and support. Once normality has resumed I am also keen to come and meet our community cricket clubs and talk about how we can develop deeper relationships.

As you may have seen recently from a community perspective we have been celebrating the diverse range of backgrounds form our area. Firstly over the past month we have been (as I understand it – the only professional sports club) celebrating the South Asian Heritage Month. This is a great initiative and we are happy to support it by bringing news of previous Leicestershire players. If you get a chance, take a look back on our website at some of the articles we have published and you’ll be amazed at some of the names who have played for us, there are truly some greats in there.

Also to celebrate the diverse culture in Leicestershire, we have worked in partnership with Face in the Crowd to produce 39 different flags. The flags represent (from the last census in 2011), the people of Leicestershire. For our T20 Vitality Blast campaign, they will sit alongside the people who purchased a face in the crowd. Once the T20 campaign has completed we intend to attach them to the railings on Milligan Road, to show our true support for our diverse community and continue to emphasise that the Fischer County Ground is a venue for all and anyone can join the Foxes Family.  

Finally Cricket.

Since the last report, Cricket is now up and running. At the time of this report we had played 4 Bob Willis Trophy games and sit in joint 3rd with Lancashire. Furthermore if it wasn’t for 15 minutes of rain versus Durham we may be sitting close to the top!

I think over the 4 games we can take a lot of positives from the performances. Against Lancashire, it arguably was the most exciting finish to 4 day cricket in the Trophy so far. To get 150 runs off 15 overs was a brilliant achievement and proves our young team can compete and does not need to fear anyone.

Against Derbyshire, it was disappointing, but the lads reflected on their performance and came back stronger. This took us into the Durham fixture and sadly on day 4 the weather and rules conspired against us and we had to settle, begrudgingly, for a draw. Last up at home was Nottingham. In previous years, we may have collapsed and a result would have been over in 3 days, however the young team showed resilience and determination to see the game out, and dare I say it, perhaps could have turned the fixture around to get the win if there was more time! All-in-all, I think it is fair to say our performances have improved since last year. We do however, have one more test to face and it’s a tough one v Yorkshire, this will be interesting to see how we perform.

As for individual performances, there have been many to admire, from the likes of ‘all the team’ versus Lancashire, Sam Evans and Colin Ackerman for their batting and Gavin Griffiths for his bowling v Durham, Tom Taylor, Ben Mike, Sam Evans, Colin Ackerman, George Rhodes and Harry Swindells for their batting v Nottinghamshire. We take real encouragement from these performances.

With regards to the T20 Vitality Blast campaign. Our team are bolstered by the arrival of Gareth Delaney and look well prepared to challenge. Our first game v Derbyshire Falcons fell victim to the rain but, as they say bring on the next one! We are proud of being the most successful team in the T20 tournament and want to keep it that way.

I think that’s it from me for this month, but hopefully as you can read and continue to see (through all our marketing channels) Leicestershire County Cricket Club, with your help, is definitely on the way up!

Kindest regards