Sean Jarvis
Cricket News

Leicestershire Monthly Report - July 2020

Firstly I hope you are all well.

At the beginning of each month, I aim to bring a retrospective monthly report of Leicestershire CCC – providing some brief details of what is going on at our Club and how we are progressing.

This is literally the first few days of my appointment so for the first report I will try to set the scene, whilst reporting on what we have worked on recently.

The staff have been truly amazing over what has been an incredibly difficult period dealing with ‘Covid’, and ‘Lockdown’. All of them have done everything possible to ensure that the Club navigates through possibly the hardest challenge we have ever faced.

With the ongoing support of the Council and the ECB, we continue to work through this period and hopefully we will see the return of cricket very soon, even if it is behind closed doors to begin with.

Leading up to me officially taking my post on the 24th June I have worked with the Chair and the rest of the board and its advisors to get to grips with our current position. We have used the ‘lockdown’ time wisely and reflected and reviewed our operations. Consequently, we have come up a with a ‘batting order’ of activities that we as a business need to address to rebuild our great Club. Each of them will collectively play a crucial role for Leicestershire CCC.

As part of the batting order, we have also looked at how we make ourselves more transparent in communication and accountable in setting targets. More of this will be revealed in the coming weeks. For now, however, we have broken down our club into 5 key ‘C’ areas of Cricket, Company, Commercial, Community and Cash (our Finance Department). Each month I will provide a brief report on each of these areas.