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Last First Class match at Aylestone Road

Last First Class match at Aylestone Road ended: 19th June 1962

Do you remember the first time you watched Leicestershire play?

Leicestershire moved to their ‘new ground’ on Aylestone Road for the 1901 season. The reasons are well known, Grace Road was considered to be too far out and the county committee wanted to play closer to the city. The new ground was close to both the Tigers ground and Filbert Street, with the venues to be joined shortly afterwards by the Granby Halls, which in its time hosted boxing matches, the ‘Home Life Exhibition’ and then basketball.

Mainly because the City Council wanted to extend the Power Station, so Leicestershire had to move to return to Grace Road in 1946. However during school term time it was a school playing field and the City Boys school needs generally took priority. Though the county were allowed to play their tourist match at Grace Road (we were often the second or third game) that apart, use was generally restricted to the Whitsun Half-term Holiday week until early July.

In 1957 (twice) and June 1962, Leicestershire returned to play matches at Aylestone Road.

I remember the last match very well. The year before I had visited the Scarborough cricket Festival with my family and been taught to score by my grandmother. My interest in cricket had been kindled. My father suggested that we went along to watch the 1962 game against Cambridge University as a ‘birthday treat’ for me. Strange treat you may think, but it was my first visit to a Leicestershire cricket match.