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In the school summer holidays I spent all my time at Grace Road (nothing has changed in 50 years). My dad would drop me off on his way to work and then join me at the end of the day when he finished to see the last half hour.

This incident relates to the 1971 India touring team fixture. I would be 13 so I have done a bit of research to check the details. County batted first and were bowled out I guess around tea. There then ensured a big second wicket partnership between Sunil Gavaskar and Ajit Wadekar both getting big hundreds on the second day.

The wicket was fairly well over towards the Meet and during the last session one of these two batsmen hit a six which sailed straight through one of the upper windows, showering glass all around. I suspect as teenagers my mates and I saw this as hugely exciting and was the story of the day to tell our dads!

Anyway, the partnership continued on day two, and at some point during the morning two chaps from Norman & Underwood arrived. They put their ladders up to the broken window and proceeded to repair. As they were putting the new glass into position, another six was struck and sailed straight through the new pane! Cue even more excitement.

I don’t see any of those old chums that used to come down anymore but there is still a current connection as Robin Matthews and Jack Birkenshaw both played in the game.

John Mallett - Club Photographer

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