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Club Statement 2: AGM 2020

Given the very latest Government regulations regarding COVID-19 coronavirus, which continues to place paramount importance to the health and safety of everyone, Leicestershire CCC (the Club) will not hold the Annual General Meeting of the Club (the AGM) on its scheduled date.

The AGM was scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 7.00pm.

In order to comply with Rule 12 of the Club Rules, on which it has taken legal advice and on the procedure to be followed, at 7.00pm on Thursday, March 26, 2020 the Meeting Chairman will open and then immediately adjourn the AGM with no business being transacted.

The Club had explored every avenue over the last two weeks in an effort to enable the AGM to take place but this is now not possible given gatherings of more than two people are no longer permitted. The Club will continue to put health and safety first, with the main offices, cricket facilities and function rooms now closed to both the staff and general public.

The AGM is an important event in our annual calendar and we want all our Members, whatever their age, to feel able to attend in safety.  To that end the meeting will be arranged for a future date when there is no longer a public health risk. We will advise all Members accordingly.

The AGM will be adjourned without setting a new time, date and place for the adjourned AGM to take place. The new time, date and place will be notified to the Members in writing when the Meeting Chairman and the Board are in a position to decide when the AGM can safely take place in compliance with the then prevailing regulations and guidance.  

Leicestershire CCC thanks all Members who have returned their proxy forms. Proxies received for the AGM will remain valid for the reconvened meeting. Anyone who could not attend the AGM on the original date and so sent in a proxy form, but can attend on the new date, is fully entitled to attend the adjourned AGM when it reconvenes.

We are very keen that this delay does not prevent Members from having the opportunity to ask any questions. Therefore if there is anything within the Annual Report or the Financial Statement that you wanted to raise at the AGM, you are very welcome to email Dan Nice at and the Club will respond as promptly as we can.