Big Phil
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Club Update - Phil Wright

The Board of Directors, staff, players and everyone at Leicestershire County Cricket Club would like to send our very best wishes to Phil Wright, who was taken into hospital last week.

Known affectionately to everyone on the county circuit as ‘Big Phil’, Phil is our long-serving Dressing Room Attendant who is loved and respected by the Foxes Family and everyone on the county circuit.

Phil has shown signs of improvement over the weekend and is still having treatment in hospital.

Leicestershire CCC Head Coach Paul Nixon said: “It shocked us all to hear what had happened but Phil is fighting hard. Phil has the whole of the Foxes Family behind him, as well as his friends from other counties.

“Thanks so much to everyone for your heartfelt messages. We all care a great deal about Phil and send him our very best wishes.”

Leicestershire County Cricket Club would also like to thank everybody who has sent messages to Phil and his family and friends.

We’re thinking of you Phil - everyone in the Foxes Family is behind you. 

* Anyone wanting to wish Phil well with messages of support, please get in touch with the Club directly by emailing and we will make sure to pass these on when we can.