George Ferris
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Foxes Flashback - George Ferris

George came from the same Antiguan village as the great Anderson Roberts, and joined Leicestershire following a successful West Indies Young Cricketers Tour of England in 1982.

It is perhaps no coincidence that his first two years on the staff coincided with Roberts’ final two years. In his eight years with Leicestershire he played 71 first-class and 42 one day matches, taking 224 first-class wickets and 53 in the one-day competitions.

He was capped in 1988, following his best season when he secured 62 wickets, though his best bowling was 10 for 104 against Glamorgan at Hinckley in 1983.

He retired in 1990, thinking that his opportunities would be reduced by the number of other quality fast bowlers on the Leicestershire staff.

However they all retired ‘independently’ and it is likely that George would have been a regular member of the county team had he remained.

Instead he ‘went north’ and played for several seasons as a league professional, including a particularly successful spell at the Middlesborough club, Normanby Hall.

Though he took plenty of wickets, he was no batsmen and league matches where he was expected to bowl unchanged and then scored some runs would have been difficult.

Richard Holdridge - Club Historian