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Name: Aimee Colquhoun

Team: U17’s Girls

Discipline: All Rounder

Years at Leicestershire: 5 years


About you - shutter mode

Describe yourself in three words. Loud (in an encouraging way), friendly, determined

Where are you from? Leicester

What is a fun fact about you? I am half Italian, quarter Scottish and quarter English

Do you have any pets? A dog

What is your favourite food? Indian

If you could travel anywhere in the world [before COVID-19], where would you go? Australia


Life as a Leicestershire County Cricket Club Player

Summarise Leicestershire CCC in three words: Helpful, Encouraging, Supportive

When did you first get into playing cricket? When I was 5 years old

What is your favourite memory on the pitch? Playing my first game for U15’s Kirby Muxloe Juniors, when I was only 11 and getting the opening batter out of a rival team that was a county player.

What is your favourite memory with your teammates? Going to the beach after a county match in South Shields and all of us playing beach cricket.

Who is your favourite cricket player? Past or present Jos Butler

Who are you most looking forward to watching on the pitch next season? Ben Stokes


Women’s Big Cricket Month

The ECB launched a campaign to celebrate Women’s Cricket, to showcase stories in the women’s game and encourage more women and girls to play, watch or attend cricket across the next 12 months.

What encouraged you to first start playing cricket? Watching my brother play

Do you have a female role model within cricket you look up to? Tammy Beamount

The ECB are encouraging women and girls to share their cricket stories to encourage more into playing, watching or attending cricket in the next year. If you could share one story, what would it be? My first year playing for the county the U13’s went undefeated for the whole season and won the league

What would you say to a woman or girl who is looking into playing cricket for the first time? Be determined and try your hardest but always enjoy playing and while you are learning, you will meet a team that will become good friends.


A bit more about you

What is your favourite holiday destination? At home or abroad? Florida

Apart from cricket, do you watch any other sports? Football

If you could invite any 3 celebrities to dinner who would it be and why? Freddie Flintoff, Jamie Redknapp and James Corden. They are all into sports in some way and when watching them on TV they seem great friends and look like good company that will make you laugh.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Playing sports and spending time with my family.


The impact of COVID-19

How has the lockdown and delay to the season impacted you as a player and a captain?  A bit rusty after having so much time away from training and getting game time. Needed to get back into the motion of things.

How did you keep in touch with teammates, with coaches? Zoom calls, WhattsApp group chats.

Were you playing cricket in your garden? We did have the occasional game of garden cricket with my brother, just using a tennis ball, which was a good thing as my dad nearly got hit on the head when he thought it would be good idea to video it.

What have you been up to during the lockdown? I completed schoolwork when it was sent over and I was set a fitness programme to keep active. Also I got a part time job which got me out of the house when restrictions were relaxed a bit.

What was your first training session back like? Very challenging but fun.

Looking ahead to next season, what are you most looking forward to next season? Playing again and getting to play more games on a regular basis.

Do you have any team goals yet?  

To ensure we bat through all the overs

To play the best we can and give 100%

To support each other and enjoy playing to get the best outcome for the season.