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Name: Katie Winterton

Team: Leicestershire Vixens - Women’s Team and Rothley Women.

Discipline: Right-handed batter, Wicket keeper

Years at Leicestershire: 11 years


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Describe yourself in three words. Loyal, Trustworthy and Caring.

Where are you from? Loughborough

What is a fun fact about you? Growing up I owned 2 horses which I used to compete with.

Do you have any pets? I have two Dogs Rupert (Lab x Collie) and Paddy (Beagle). Then I have my dog from home Bodie (Boxer x Collie).

What is your favourite food? Italian

If you could travel anywhere in the world [before COVID-19], where would you go? There are so many places on my list to go! Iceland, Thailand, Sri lanka and Maldives are the main ones.


Life as a Leicestershire County Cricket Club Player

Summarise Leicestershire CCC in three words: Fun, Progressive, Supportive

When did you first get into playing cricket? When I was 11, I started playing at Loughborough Town as my older brother played there and I wanted to join in.

What is your favourite memory on the pitch? There are so many good memories playing for Leicestershire, but a personal highlight was when we were playing against Warwickshire the day after my 17th birthday and I got my first hundred. Una Paramjothy and Lucy Higham both got 50, which ultimately meant we beat Warwickshire.

What is your favourite memory with your teammates? We have made so many memories as a team both on and off the pitch, it is hard to pick one. The memory that brought us together as a group was that we used to go to Malvern Cricket festival. Spending a week with your team playing cricket all day then having team bonding in the evenings was really good fun. Whilst we were there, we made lots of friends with other teams, this meant we were able to have competitions against them in games such as football and charades during the evenings.

Who is your favourite cricket player? Past or present. Joe Root. From Leicestershire, it has to be Paul Nixon.

Who are you most looking forward to watching on the pitch? I was really looking forward to watching Lucy Higham play for Loughborough Lightning in the Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy Competition. After progressing through the County age groups at Leicestershire together, it is exciting to see the progress she has made over the years.


Women’s Big Cricket Month

The ECB have launched a campaign to celebrate Women’s Big Cricket Month across September to showcase stories in the women’s game and encourage more women and girls to play, watch or attend cricket across the next 12 months.

What encouraged you to first start playing cricket? I started playing cricket at Loughborough Town when I was 11, Me and another girl used to sit and watch our brothers play every week, so we decided that we were going to join in on a Friday night.

Do you have a female role model within cricket you look up to? Amy Jones being England Women’s Wicket Keeper.

The ECB are encouraging women and girls to share their cricket stories to encourage more into playing, watching, or attending cricket in the next year. If you could share one story, what would it be? I was lucky enough to get tickets (the day before) to watch England vs New Zealand in the Men’s 2019 World Cup Final at Lords. That day just shows how amazing cricket is, the thrill and the excitement created was enormous. It should inspire both Women and Men around the world to play, watch and attend such an amazing sport. I have never felt such excitement from watching any sport before that day. This was shown to me when even our taxi driver on the way home was one of the most excited people in the world, even though he had never watched cricket before.

What would you say to a woman or girl who is looking into playing cricket for the first time? Just go for it! It will be a fantastic experience; you will make so many memories and friends it is unbelievable. You will gain great support from both your county and your club to pursue cricket at the level that you want, whether that is social, club, county or England cricket.


A bit more about you

What is your favourite holiday destination? At home or abroad? Bail and Gili T is my favourite destination. However, Rome is my favourite European City.

Apart from cricket, do you watch any other sports? I like watching a lot of different sports, but I wouldn’t say that I follow any sport like I do Cricket and Indoor Cricket.

If you could invite any 3 celebrities to dinner who would it be and why?

Elton John - I am a big fan of his and I think that he would have some real good stories to tell from his time on tour and the people he met.

David Jason - I love watching Only Fools and Horses and I used to work on Loughborough market, so I would love to chat to him about all the fun they had filming the show.

James Corden - I am a huge Gavin and Stacy fan, so I would invite him to dinner to persuade him to write season 4

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I enjoy traveling, I want to see as much of the world as possible and learn about all the different cultures and history of each country.


The impact of COVID-19

How has the lockdown and delay to the season impacted you as a player and a captain? I Managed to keep in touch with a few teammates, however I was working through-out, so this was made difficult. I kept in touch with my coach, with updates on what was going to happen with cricket. As a player, it meant that I was not able to train at all, this resulted in feeling very rusty on the first game back!

What have you been up to during the lockdown? I am classed as a key worker, so I have been really busy at work, this meant that I wasn’t able to master any new skills. I started Yoga at the start of the lockdown, but I wouldn't say this has been very successful.

What was your first training session back like? I didn’t train before my first game back so can’t say

Looking ahead to next season, what are you most looking forward to next season? My aim for next year is to get as many of our age group players as possible to make their debut into the Women’s team. I look forward to this, as we have some very promising young talent, so it would be nice to get them all into the set up to allow them to keep progressing.