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Name: Sandra Clark

Role: Stadium Manager & COVID Officer

Department: Stadium Operations

Years at Leicestershire: A year but it feels like a lot more


About you - shutter mode

Describe yourself in three words. (my son says “Angry Scott’s Woman) I would say Compassionate, Dedicated, Loyal

Where are you from? A small village in Scotland called Aboyne.

What is a fun fact about you? I went parasailing off the coast of Tunisia, even although I have fear of water.

Do you have any pets? Yes I have dogs

What is your favourite food? Chinese

If you could travel anywhere in the world [before COVID-19], where would you go? I would like to travel round Australia


Life at Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Summarise Leicestershire CCC in three words: A Transitioning Club

Summarise your role in 50 words:

That could be a challenge as it ranges from managing the ground infrastructures to ground development, teams of ground staff, maintenance and housekeeping. I am responsible for all aspects of safety at the ground which includes day-to-day activities, cricket, and events. I ensure the club meets its regulatory compliance. Recently I have been responsible for all aspects relating to managing the site in relation to government/ECB guidelines on COVID-19.

What are your current top priorities in your role?

1. Ensure the site is COVID safe.

2. Ensure the site is cricket ready.

3. Working towards achieving the clubs future vision.

What does your matchday routine involve? A very early start! I make sure the site is ready for staff, players and normally fans. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are operating behind closed doors so I don't need to plan for fans at the moment.

In the times of COVID-19, I ensure all functional groups have everything required for the day. I manage safety, security, grounds, facilities and housekeeping and ensure regulatory compliance is maintained throughout the day. We keep accurate records in order to prove that we are compliant. At the end of the day, I ensure the site is locked down and secured.

What is your favourite memory from on the pitch? I joined at the end of last season so at present I don't have a favourite memory.

What is your favourite memory off the pitch? Watching Dan Archer try to make a cup of hot chocolate, that’s all I’m saying you will have to ask him for the detail. He is now banned from touching the machine!

Where do you see Leicestershire CCC in the next 12 months? Transforming into a place where people will come to not only watch cricket.

Who is your Leicestershire Foxes favourite player? Past or present. Now I have been able to watch LCCC in action I would say Ackerman and Delany.


A bit more about you

What is your favourite holiday destination? At home or abroad? Dubai

Apart from cricket, do you watch any other sports? Yes, F1, Rugby, Football,

If you could invite any 3 celebrities to dinner who would it be and why?

Barack Obama to discuss his challenges as the first African American President for the USA, Sir Alex Ferguson as I used to drink with him and the football team when he was manager at Aberdeen and Madonna for her talent in reinventing and versatility in music and visual presentation.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Right now I have no spare time, but normally, I like spending time with my family, eating out, going to concerts and similar things.


The impact of COVID-19

How has the delay to the season impacted your role? Immensely! Positives have been that we have been able to work on the Fischer County Ground and get lots of much needed work done for maintenance and I have gained a fuller understanding of some other functional areas.

Challenges - We have had to implement COVID return to work protocols in-line with the ECB and government guidelines. Several staff members within my teams have been on furlough so I have been working with a skeleton staff for the best part of six months.

It has also meant that events we had planned have been cancelled and a huge amount of work had been completed in preparation on these events.

How has the lockdown impacted your role? I have worked through the lockdown as I had staff still working on site. In addition to being the Stadium Manger I became the COVID officer. That has been a very challenging experience, carrying the responsibility of the safety of everyone on our site.

What have you been up to during the lockdown? Working

Cricket is back now, describe how you feel in 3 words: Excited, Exhausted and Relieved.