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The Numbers Club

Leicestershire CCC’s Numbers Club, established in 2014, is now a key part of the Leicestershire Former Players Club (LFPC).

All players who make a red ball competition appearance for the Running Foxes are awarded with the number that they represented the Club. The original list and concept was compiled and worked on by Club Archivist Richard Holdridge and former Leicestershire CCC player Ben Smith.

The number appears not only on the back of their green playing cap, but also on the front of the LV=County Championship shirt and jumper.

Thanks to some further extensive research from Richard, the Running Foxes players have also been assigned their number for both white ball formats too.

Club Captain Colin Ackermann has number 463 for the LV=County Championship, 226 for List A and 96 for T20.

The next debutant in the LV=County Championship will be assigned number 490, in List A it will be 241, while in T20 the number 114 is ready for the first player to make their bow in 2021.

Assigned numbers will remain to embed each player into the history of the Running Foxes and the club will publish the lists in due course.

Leicestershire CCC Chief Executive Sean Jarvis said: “While wanting to be a Club that moves with the times and follows latest trends, our history, heritage and traditions are vitally important.

“By being assigned a number, a player is not only linked to their current teammates, but also their predecessors and the players that are yet to create their own history. It embeds them into the very fabric of the Club.

“Every player for Leicestershire CCC plays a vital role in the Club’s history and having the LFPC network will allow us to celebrate our past, as well as enjoying the performances of the current squad. The Numbers Club is a huge part of that.”